Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pony Power

Our same trail riding group (with the addition of Tarra) hit a new location today. We ventured to Elijah Bristow State Park, a little over an hour south of us. It turns out, it's literally 5 minutes from where Emi was born. We weren't able to meet up there with her breeder, but I hope to go back at some point to ride the trails with her. 

The crew
 Emi came off of the trailer quietly and happily ate from her hay net while I cleaned her up. Benny was once again being ridden by a friend so I planned to walk the trails with Emi. I expected that she would try to drag me along a little bit, especially when we first got there. In actuality she was really good, and was content to just meander down the trail with me.

The ponies (Mystic and Emi) were generally at the back of the pack but just when we'd be getting a little bit left behind the half arab crew (Benny and Scotty) would encounter something scary. We'd ask if they needed help from a pony and would proceed past them to conquer the scary object (water, bridge, steep bank etc).

Drinking with Scotty. He thought she was cute!
 From the beginning Emi was more settled than last time, and she continued that way through the entire ride/walk. She was eager to play in the water again and happily tromped down the trail behind me....for 7 miles! I was thrilled with her response to the water today. We gained some valuable milage from the water experience last weekend. It's a good thing because an event horse (or a trail horse) has to be willing to go through water.

Where are we?
 Benny was also good, although he was a bit tender footed. He got trimmed yesterday and these trails were slightly rocky. He has nice hooves and front shoes, but he still didn't care for the footing in some places. He was much better with the water today and is proving to be quite a nice trail horse. I'm looking forward to riding him the next time we go out. A beach trip is in his very near future!

We had already been through a few places with water before we came to this final spot. They got out into some pretty deep water and Emi was loving it!

You can see Emi's Facebook page for video
Check out Emi's leg!

This was probably Emi's last trail outing until I'm riding her next summer. The friend who has been riding Benny is currently rehabbing her horse and he should be ready to go on one of our next trips. I'm really glad it has worked out for me to take Emi the past two trips. It has been great experience for her and now she will have a chance to spend more time at home, growing and maturing. It won't be long now and I have no doubt she will be a really fun trail mount next summer!

The best baby girl around!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it's actually crazy but I've come to accept it.

  2. that looks like so much fun!! tho i would get totally left behind if i tried walking a trail that my horse was being ridden on haha

    1. Well it wasn't the speediest trail ride. :)

  3. You walked 7 miles and kept up with horses? I'm impressed! I think I would have discovered Emi's riding gears before I did that. ;-)

    1. Slow horses...haha. I did consider the riding idea, I'm sure she would have been fine (minus our lack of steering).

  4. Seven miles?? Yikes!! I used to be able to walk long distances like that... not so much anymore lol. I really need to get back in shape. I'm glad Emi had two fantastic trips out. Such great experience for her. :D


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