Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It's amazing what miles (or wet saddle pads) will do for a horse. This has been a summer of trail riding for Benny and he is doing fabulous. When I got him he didn't load as easily as I would like and had very few trail miles. Both of those things have changed over the summer. Saturday April and I headed back to Willamette Mission State Park with our two half arabs. Benny walked calmly on the trailer and hauled quietly to the park. He was looking a lot at the start of our ride but soon settled in. We wound our way through the park and near the end of our ride came back to the same water spot we went in to last time.

This time around we didn't have Mystic or Scotty to help us get in...and it wasn't a problem. He got in with very little fuss and was happy to drink. He was also willing to go out much deeper than the first time around. We went in multiple times and he was having a great time. The first time (the beginning of August) he stood in the water shaking. Since that time he as gone in to water at Elijah Bristow State Park and the beach. I'd say those miles are paying off!


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