Monday, September 21, 2015


Benny and I had another great lesson tonight. I feel like we have been doing a good job on our homework and we come in to our next lesson ready to go. He's really fun to ride and I love that he is a good worker. I've ridden way too many horses that fight you all the time. I hate that. It's refreshing to be on such a willing partner!

We were able to demonstrate some really nice transitions using the touchdown exercise and we then moved on to making him quicker at the trot. He is a little on the lazy side and although he has a lot of cadence he wasn't going enough. We pushed him through this quick, hurried kind of trot and on the other side we found this big swingy trot. Talk about lovely! I could have ridden it all day.

The canter work was pretty poor (even for us) but we played around with some different exercises to help with it. His rideability is improving which is going to help us in the long run. One of the main things we worked on tonight was getting him to move his haunches over. Due to his prior training (probably weakness as well) he carries his haunches to the inside. When I first got him this was very pronounced; it's quite a bit better now. That being said, although it has improved, we still have quite a ways to go. I plan to play with it some more over this next week and we'll see where we end up for our lesson next Thursday.


  1. I LOVE riding Miles' "big" trot. So much fun!!

  2. That is one of the characteristics I love most about my horse. He is so willing and doesn't try to be naughty. It makes things so much more pleasant overall. I'm glad you had a good ride and are having fun with him.


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