Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Still Bumpy

Emi continues to have hives. They are mainly on her forehead although she does have them lightly down the side of her jaw and down the underside of her neck. I finally decided that I needed to be the adult in the situation and keep them locked off the pasture. That lasted for all of oh....1 day. I couldn't bear to keep them locked in when the weather has been incredible and I know they are going to have a long rainy winter locked off the pasture. 

I finally got the great idea to treat them topically. I have this Wound Care Foam that I won on Eventing Nation. I decided to give it a try since it says it can be used for "rashes." I have no idea how/why it's working but it is working! Her hives are much better on her forehead after applying it for only a couple of days. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave either of us a sticky mess. Now I'm asking myself why it took my so long to think of applying something to them. Do any of you have a favorite hive treatment? 

She may be bumpy but she sure is cute!
On a different topic, Emi got her feet trimmed on Friday. She was super! She's never really bad but she tends to be impatient and wiggly. Friday she stood quietly, like a big kid, for all four hooves. The farrier put her last hoof down and I said "wow, that was the best time yet." He quickly agreed. I think my baby girl is growing up!


  1. Annie has been battling awful hives and I finally had to have the vet out after trying my normal
    Go to of microtek shampoo and spray. The micro ten spray is now going on daily since the hives are at bay but she still has some skin funk. I'll have to look at the stuff you used for her from EN.

  2. What a good pony! Yay for standing like a mature girl for the farrier!

  3. What a good pony! Yay for standing like a mature girl for the farrier!


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