Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cold & Clear

Although I prefer when it's warm and clear....cold and clear is also nice. Since we had such a nice forecast I thought I should take advantage of the opportunity to get out of the arena. Benny seemed to agree as he was speed walking almost the whole time we were out. 

It was a beautiful day in the forest with pretty good footing due. The more trail miles Benny gets the better he is. He spent nearly the entire ride marching along on the buckle. It was so relaxing and fun to have a change of scenery. REI is doing this big "opt outside" campaign for Black Friday and I might be opting outside with another trail ride. The weather is predicted to be back to cold and clear on Friday and Oregon State Parks are waiving their fees on Friday. I'm not sure if we are going to be able to get it all together but I hope so! 

A lovely trail pony


  1. Oooh, Benny has a fancy browband, too!

  2. I love Benny's brow band, glad you had a good ride

  3. I'm opting outside too for Friday. I wish I was doing a trail ride, but my horses are all broken or semi-broken so I may just go hiking.

    1. My trail riding partner can't go after all...oh well, it was a good idea!


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