Thursday, November 12, 2015

Take Aways

The fun thing about the show season being over is that now it's time to get down to work and see what we can improve before the next show season. Some clear take aways from the show:
  • Continue to work on Benny's connection and forward response to the aids
  • Clear canter rhythm
  • Geometry (need I say more!?)
  • I need to learn how to ride my corners

In terms of what we scored well on, all of our halts were 7's, 7.5's or 8's. That was pretty awesome. Our shallow loops in training test 3 got a couple of 7's. Those are a maneuver that I have struggled with riding well. The judge from the first day awarded us a 7.5 for gaits while the judge on the second day dinged us a little bit for an unclear rhythm in the canter (a 6.5 for gaits). Remarks included "handsome talented horse" and "well suited pair."

In terms of other horse show skills, Benny has finally figure out forelock braiding. You must stand nice and still so that you can have a beautiful forelock. He's a bit ear shy so the first few times I braided his forelock he was tense and jumpy. It's not easy to braid a small forelock when the horse is flinging his head around! Both days at the show Benny snoozed while I worked on his forelock. What a lovely change. He's beginning to understand the routine and that is pretty awesome.

He's also fantastic in a crowded warm up arena. He doesn't get ruffled by a change of plans and he takes everything in stride. He's also not a screamer and he doesn't mind leaving the crowded warm up arena for the solo show ring. Talk about a nice skill! Now it's time to get to work so that we can come out next spring better than ever.


  1. He's such a handsome guy. Agree with the judge's comment about well matched pair.

  2. He is such a cutie. I like him as an addition to your bay collection.

  3. it's so nice when they really settle into the routine and begin to understand how the day's gonna go and what to expect. you're turning him into such a lovely reliable horse!!

  4. You'll just keep chip chip chipping away and continue to get better :)

  5. You've done such an amazing job with him!


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