Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Princess and the Pea

Aka the Welsh Cob and the blanket (the story of a paranoid horse owner and a silly filly) 

I was busy cleaning up the horses paddock on Sunday morning when Emi ran in to the gate and proceeded to rub along it and down the stall front. That immediately piqued my interest and I watched her carefully. You may remember that rubbing along the walls/gate was something she did when she was going though her colic episode last year.  She rubbed back along the gate and the stall front, hooking the front of her turn out sheet on her hay net. I stepped in to rescue her and pulled her blanket before proceeding with my chores. I started re-arranging the day in my head, planning to hook up the trailer, call the vet, and call her insurance.

After the blanket came off she was acting normally so I groomed her thoroughly thinking perhaps she was itchy. She wasn't displaying any other odd behaviors and she didn't rub along the walls any more. She ate happily and she was bright and alert. I headed inside to get ready for church and checked on her twice prior to leaving.

When I returned home my first stop was to check on her. She was again eating and seemed fine. Later in the day I was back outside to do chores. I hadn't been out there long when she rubbed along the gate and stall front again. "Emi" I exclaimed in frustration and concern. I again pulled her blanket, opting to leave it off for the night. She never displayed any other strange behavior and I decided she must be fine. As of today I haven't seen any further concerning behavior. I've kept her blanket off and my best guess is that her blanket is pulling or otherwise causing the strange behavior. It's always something when you own a horse...or three.

Emi says "I wasn't doing anything."


  1. Horse can't make your life easier. They're just not programmed that way.


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