Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TRM BlogHop: 25 Questions

A fun blog hop brought to us by The Red Mare. 

1. Mares or Geldings? Why?
  •  A good horse is a good horse, regardless of gender. I've had some naughty mares but I've also had naughty geldings. 

2. Green broke or Fully broke?
  • Either one can be fun. Green broke you can see continual progress which is fun. Fully broke is also lovely as it allows you to ride more for the sake of riding. I've enjoyed the "fully broke" stage I'm currently in with Benny and I'm looking forward to entering "green broke" with Emi.
3. Would you own a "hotter" breed (ie. Arabian, Trakhener, etc).
  • Yep! I currently own a half arab (who is not hot) and a thoroughbred (also not hot)

4. What was your "dream horse" growing up?
  • A bay with 4 white socks and a blaze...still my dream "look". 
5. What kind of bit(s) do you use and why?
  • I use whatever bit my horse goes best in. Currently I'm riding Benny in an eggbutt french link. 
6. Helmets or no helmets?
  • Helmets all the time. That was the one riding rule my parents had for me when I started and now I feel "naked" getting on a horse with out one. 
7. Favorite horse color?
  • Umm...I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. 
8. Least favorite horse color?
  • Paint with too much white
9. Dressage or Jumping?
  • Dressage
10. How many years have you been riding?
  • Almost 20!
11. Spurs/whip or no spurs/whip?
  • I almost always ride with a whip but rarely with spurs.
12. Your first fall?
  • I was just little but I vaguely remember running in to someone (or being run in to), falling off, and having my pony carefully step her hind legs over my face to avoid stepping on me. 

13. When was the last time you rode and what did you do?
  • Last night I rode Benny in a lesson. 
14. Most expensive piece of tack you own?
  • My saddle. 
15. How old were you when you started riding?
  • I'm not sure but I think I was around 8.
16. Leather or Nylon halters?
  • Both. I usually use nylon halters for everyday and leather for special occasions. 
17. Leather or Synthetic saddles?
  • Leather for sure!
18. What "grip" of reins do you like?
  • I like the web reins with rubber
19. English or Western?
  • English! 
20. How many horses do you currently own/lease?
  • 3
21. Do you board your horse? Self-care/full board? Home board?
  • Full board on one, home board for two. It's definitely a lot of work so it's a good thing I enjoy them all. 
22. Have you ever had to put down a horse that you loved?                                                             
  • Not yet....                                   

23. How many saddle pads do you have?
  • More than I can remember off the top of my head. 
24. Slant-load trailer or straight haul?
  • I generally like slants but the large straight loads are nice too, especially if you have a big horse. 
25. Why do you ride?
  • Because I love it. 
ETA: Blogger is giving me fits today so I apologize for the wonky formatting. 


  1. Replies
    1. It's maddening! I wasted way too much time trying to fix it too!

  2. I'm going to guess your favorite color is... bay? ;)

  3. lol you might just have the cutest collection of bays ;)

  4. Haha I'm guessing bay, bay and bay! ;) You picked my least favorite color for yours too. Pinto or Paint with too much white... just don't like it.


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