Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Review

2015 has treated me quite well.

January: January brought my first lesson on Benny (our clinic with JW). Talk about fun!

February: Benny and I went to our first show at Training 1 & 2. We scored a 59% and a 65% respectively. 

March: Benny and I got to ride with JW again and Emi got her first grazing muzzle.

April: April was Emi's month. She got her teeth floated, attended an in hand clinic and earned herself an emergency vet visit for an eyelid laceration. 

May: We had an awesome two day clinic with JW and leaned a lot.

June: This was another big month for Emi with a trail walk, a Perrydale Trails field trip and a local schooling show. The month ended with a serious case of diarrhea that grounded us from another show I had planned to attend.

July: Benny and I had horse show number two this month. We showed training 2 (63%) & 3 (60%). I Also spent a week in Montana at the Event at Rebecca Farms. That was a cool experience!

August: This was another busy month for Emi. I ponied her on a trail ride at Willamette Mission and led her on another one at Elijah Bristow. Benny also went on these rides with my friend April. Additionally I started taking regular lessons with KB. 

 September: Benny got to go on his first beach trip and was spectacular. We also went on two other awesome trail rides.

October: The Adult Team Show took place this month and Benny won his first champion ribbon at Training 2 (68%) & 3 (66%). Not only were we champions in our individual division but our team was the champion of our division too!

November: The League Finals show kicked off November. We placed 4th in a competitive division with scores of 64% and 68% (at Training 2 & 3). Emi and Benny also went to the Mountain Trail course. Both horses was so good!

December: This has been a pretty lazy month for us with the biggest excitement being dressing up for Christmas. 

Wow. Looking back is such a great reminder of all of the things we did and the progress we made along the way. All of the outings and events we attended were so fun. Trail rides, horse shows, clinics, lessons and several other outings with 2 different horses and all went smoothly...the loading, hauling and the events themselves. I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities through out the year and I look forward to the progress that will be made in 2016. 


  1. Benny is adorable. Sounds like you had a productive year!

  2. I would call that a very successful year! Filled with lots of cuteness.

  3. What a great year with all of your horses!

  4. 2015 was a great year! HolyBully put it best :)

  5. what a year!! it's been amazing watching Emi grow up all year, and seeing Benny transform into such a wonderful dressage horse

  6. You have made some serious progress with Benny this year, and Emi has gotten some wonderful experience under her belt as well! Congratulations on all your accomplishments; it was fun to get together with you at Perrydale Trails!

    1. Super fun! I hope we can meet up more in 2016. I'd love to ride with you at Willamette Mission. :)

    2. Kate and I might be going there on New Year's Day (HAVE to ride on New Year's Day!) if the waters have receded some. Are you free then, or do you know of another good place not too far?

  7. A great year! This year is going to be even more fun..... because you get to ride Emi!!!!!! Yay! I can't wait!


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