Monday, December 14, 2015

Baby Teeth

Emi lost her first baby tooth! I've been watching them and could see that they were getting close to coming out. A few nights ago I peeked in her mouth and saw that she had finally lost one of them. I looked again on Sunday night and her adult tooth had come in so much in just a couple of days. It will be interesting to see how quickly her other baby tooth comes out. I was looking up some information regarding horses baby teeth and here's what I found. 

"The central upper and lower incisors are the first to go when the young horse reaches about 2 1/2 years of age; the intermediate incisors will be lost at about 3 1/2 years, and the corner incisors at about 4 1/2 years." 

She's right on track as she will be 2.5 on the 20th. Where has the time gone?!

Our first Christmas, December 2013


  1. Annie is my first "baby horse" and she cribs so I freaked out when I saw what I thought was a broken tooth. I'm pretty sure my vet thinks I'm a dummie after he checked it and told me she's just getting her adult teeth haha.

  2. Soo. . . are you going to put the tooth under her pillow so the Tooth Fairy can bring her a nice surprise? Did you even find it?

    1. Nope...I didn't find it (although that would have been cool).

  3. I have two of Chrome's caps! They got stuck so when he was floated the vet pulled them for me and gave them to me. :) The whole baby tooth thing was an interesting first experience for me hehe. I love it. Reading about Emi makes me reminisce about when Chrome was a baby.


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