Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I finally feel like Benny and I have had a real training break through. The connection has drastically improved over the last few weeks in the walk, trot and transitions. A friend rode him for me on Sunday and also agreed that she noticed a big improvement.

I take lessons every other week and was discussing what's been going on since my last lesson. I told KB about our recent success before we started the lesson. After just a little bit of trot work she remarked on how much better the connection is and how much it has improved his trot. Although I knew it was a lot better it was nice to have her notice it too. Since we didn't have to spend a bunch of time working on connection we were able to go right to work practicing leg yields.

Once we finished with those we moved on to lots of canter work. Again, this is Benny's weak spot and something we are still struggling with. We worked on helping him relax before doing some counter canter (the single loops from 1st level) and also leg yielding at the canter. As the time went on I do think his canter was improving. I now have a lot of new things to play with to see what kind of improvement we can get. Once finished, I was struck again by what a good worker Benny is. The canter work is hard for him yet he never quit or even got snotty with me about it. I also thought back to when I got him and that he could not have done the canter work we did today with out swapping leads behind (which he didn't do even once). Yah for progress and good ponies!


  1. i love that feeling of a horse that's willing to keep trying for you even when it gets hard ;)

  2. A good worker? He's a Thoroughbred, right? I'm drawing a blank. Anyway, gotta love a nice attitude/ethic like that. It makes something already fun even fun-ner!

    1. He's actually a Quarab. Not my first choice but he's actually quite cool. :)


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