Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Value of Ribbons

I know most of us enjoy winning ribbons and I'm no exception. Our barn has a ribbon wall that we fill each year. It's fun to watch the ribbons stack up as we attend shows. With Christmas coming it's time for the ribbons to come down and the Christmas decorations to go up.
The ribbon wall from a previous year
Christmas decorations
After pulling my ribbons off the wall I put them on Benny's stall for a quick photo. As I looked at them I did some quick calculations about how much each of those ribbons cost.

Boarding: $325 x 12= $3,900
Lessons: $65 x 10= $650
Entry Fees: $150 x 4= $600
Grand Total= $5,150 (This figure is actually very low as it doesn't include farrier, vet, equipment/tack and is a very rough estimate in terms of lessons and entry fees) 

$5,150/8 ribbons = $643.75 per ribbon

Yet, even using the low number of $643.75 I would argue that the cost of the ribbon is not actually why we value it. We value it because of all of the blood, sweat and tears it represents. We value it because of the memories it holds. We value it because of the partnership we have with our horse. We value it because it represents the journey we are on and the dreams that have been realized. What would you add?


  1. Oh god, this is the kind of math that no one should ever do!

    1. Haha yeah this. Don't think too hard about how you could just buy yourself the damn things.

  2. This is right up there with the time I figured how much it cost me per minute to go to an event. Those are dollar figures that should never be calculated

  3. Haha yes I try to avoid thinking how much each ribbon literally costs, the sweat equity I will remember and not mind. Nice post :)

  4. i love the sentiment here and feel similarly about my ribbons - tho i definitely avoid running those calculations. *especially* on the days when we come home with zero ribbons haha

  5. That is an interesting breakdown and the cost of your board almost made me cry. I live in the wrong part of the country.

  6. Yikes! I try not to do math when it comes to horses LOL! :D


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