Friday, February 19, 2016

Horse Selling Part 3 - Discouragement

We are only on chapter three of my horse selling story and I'm already discouraged. Benny was vetted today by the trainer of party #1...and he did not pass. Now I know there's really no such thing as pass or fail, it's just information gathering.

Long story short he was said to be lame on his right hind and maybe his right front. The right hind was noticed at the walk and then after flexions and the right front was also noted after flexions. When I took him home I turned him out in the arena to see what I might be missing...and I'm still not sure.

I plan to pursue this to see what we can find out and the buyer is still interested pending those results. Hopefully I can get him looked at next week and we can get some answers.


  1. :( that is discouraging, hopefully its nothing *fingers crossed and good thoughts*

    1. Thank you. I'm hopeful it's not significant.

  2. That is worrying. Hopefully he just tweaked something and is on the mend.

  3. Aw sorry, hopefully it's something simple!

  4. Did you have him vetted when you got him? Obviously things change with time but maybe that vet could offer some insight?

  5. What a bummer. Hopefully it turns out to be just a tweak or something and he's on the mend quickly :)

  6. Hopefully it's nothing too serious! I completely agree that horse selling sucks. Just curious, who did you have vet him?

  7. That's frustrating!! I hope it's something simple and easy to fix!


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