Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Still a Mystery

Roz had his appointment Monday and we don't really know much. His blood work came back normal (aside from a stress leukogram) and his exam was fairly unremarkable. The things we did discover are that he has a heart murmur and that he had a very high heart rate. Interestingly enough, I've taken it the past two nights and I got 42 Monday night and 34 last night. At the appointment they got 120 at first and then 60 a couple different times. The only thing we can think of is that he was stressed. Whats amazing about that is you would never have guessed that from looking at him. Apparently he was internalizing the "stressful" situation. 

The vet does not believe he has cushings or that anything is wrong with his teeth. He mentioned ulcers which seems like a possibility especially if he really is more stressed than he appears. The vet is also a chiropractor/acupuncture person so Roz got the royal treatment with both of those things. It will be interesting to see if there is any change in him. 

As I was pondering all of the different behaviors I have been seeing I realized that Roz may not like the grain he has been getting. It was re-formulated this fall and he has been picky about it since then.  At first I thought it was the cool calories he was also getting but he has been off cool calories for at least a couple of months and he's still acting picky about his feed. Along with that, one of the complaints I had was inappetence but in thinking about it more it's not really inappetence. On the days he doesn't finish his grain he still goes right to eating his hay. Now I'm going to try some different grain to see if he is more enthusiastic about it. 

Long story short, there's nothing really easy/obvious wrong with the old man. His body condition is great and he appears to be in overall good health. 


  1. Interesting! Curious to see if any of his issues resolve with a different grain.

  2. well it would certainly be easy if it was just a snowball effect from not liking the newly formulated grain... good luck!

  3. Hopefully you get answers soon!!

  4. As my vet said when Knight was in the hospital, "Your horse is the only one he knows what's wrong. But he can't tell us." Sounds like you're doing all the right detective work to figure out how to help him.

  5. I hope a new grain helps! I'm glad it doesn't appear to be anything serious, but how frustrating not knowing what it is. If they didn't check for a bean, make sure to do that. It might be worth it to try the ulcer meds if he is that good at hiding his stress. I hope he feels better soon.


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