Thursday, April 14, 2016

That Brain

In case you can't tell...I'm loving my time working with Emi. I continue to be so impressed with what a great brain she has. She's very sensible which has made training her so nice! Today we introduced the lunge line connected to the bit. She wasn't thrilled but she tolerated it and got better as we went. We first ran it up and over her head which worked fine for the left but since she pulls to the right it wasn't working well. We tried it attached straight to the bit and then moved to attaching it to the saddle with it sliding through the bit to me.

KB warned that if I got in trouble with this method it could cause her to spin around and get all tangled up. As usual, Emi was just fine. She has no idea what the contact is but that's okay as that is what we are teaching her about.  This worked out well as I was able to keep pushing her in to the "contact" and she learns about accepting it from the beginning which should make our lives easier later on.

We were quick to reward her when she did something right and I'd ask her to whoa before walking up to her and petting her for a bit while she took a break. One time when I asked for a whoa she practically slid to a stop. I'm happy we are getting that button installed well! KB commented on how quiet and submissive she was each time I stopped and rewarded her.

I'm beyond thrilled with her behavior up until this point. She seems to have a good work ethic, is fairly willing and tolerates some pressure. All things that should make our riding life much easier. Another gold star for Winterlake Emerald on lesson number 5.


  1. Sounds like Emi is coming along beautifully! What a delight she is to train!

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thanks! I've decided this might be getting quite boring...


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