Monday, May 23, 2016


Day two (you can read about day 1 here) brought another lesson, this time on a mare trained through Prix St. George. Let me tell you, I love riding these well schooled horses. The focus of the day was on lateral work which was exactly what I woke up talking about. As we warmed up JW talked about my position and keeping my shoulders back and clunking them down into my core. As I shifted my position slightly the trot changed into this lovely floating gait. We schooled travers, renvers and half pass before moving on to some canter work.

After a walk break JW asked what I wanted to go back to and I said half pass. We schooled renvers down the long side, staying in renvers while turning onto the centerline and half passing to the wall. I was overriding my outside aids and leading with the haunches. A few tries later we got sorted out and had a few good ones. We then rode a three loop serpentine starting in renvers for the first loop which turned in to travers for the second loop, back to renvers and then a turn onto the centerline, half pass to the wall. I was finally coordinating my inside and outside aids, sitting up tall and looked like a dressage rider. How cool is that!? It was a fabulous opportunity to practice those things and I felt really good about where we ended up. JW even commented that it's too bad I have a real job...because I could stay for a while. The current plan is to go back in the fall with Emi and stay for 4 days or so as a sort of "boot camp."

When we were finished I had the chance to ride another horse, Patrick (the horse I took my third lesson on last time). I was riding on my own and I rode him so much better than the first time! It was a great ending to a wonderful two days. I now feel like I'm on a riding lesson "high" and am inspired to keep working at it.

Also, for those of you that are interested, here's the condensed version of my Cardi lesson.


  1. I wish there was a horse like Cardi near me!

  2. I love the video! Jessica seems like a great coach and Cardi is of course amazing. You look great up there!

  3. Wow, how amazing! Not only did you get to meet and ride Emi's sire, but you got to ride an AMAZING dressage horse. What an experience of a lifetime <3

  4. What a horse and what an amazing opportunity! Wow. Cardi <3

  5. I've never really ridden a school master beyond 3rd level and can't even imagine how cool it must be to learn how to press all those buttons. Taking Emi for a boot camp sounds perfect!

  6. I've never ridden a horse trained above third level either... That must be so awesome riding such a highly trained horse especially being Emi's sire!!! I have to admit I'm kind of envious hehe, but so happy for you too.


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