Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ride #2

Miss Em had her second ride last night and she was great! We were given more freedom while on the lunge line and KB gave me a dressage whip to help me communicate "go" to her. She told me to tickle Emi with the whip but I ended up having to tap her a bit harder to get her going. After walking and trotting on the line KB let us free. We proceeded to walk and trot off the line along with some actual steering. It was so fun!

It's definitely going to be a learning curve finding my balance on her. She's (obviously) hard to predict since she is hardly broke. I'm trying to communicate clearly with her while staying out of the way...and it's hard! I worry that it's also a little bit harder because she's small. I just keep thinking "grow baby grow!"I plan to start riding her about 2 days a week with 1-2 days of lunging/long lining. I'm going to keep a ground person, at least a few more rides. After that I'm hoping to hit the trails.


  1. This is SO exciting.

    Way to go, both of you!!

  2. What a good pony. Can't wait to see her on the trails.

  3. Oh my gosh, she's doing SO well!

  4. Ahh, baby ponies are like greased helium balloons. All I can say is hand without leg, leg without hand. It had to be my mantra for a long time. So different to my pony now when I can say forward, over, lift all at the same time....not that she does it all the time! Those videos of Cardi were the best. You did well, so hard with the changes!

  5. Chrome felt very narrow when I first started riding! Don't worry she will grow a lot, especially wider, over the next two years or more. It was difficult finding my balance on such a narrow horse, but you will figure it out really quickly.


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