Sunday, June 26, 2016

First Driving Practice

Emi and I had a special visitor on Saturday, Cindy, Emi's breeder came for a visit. She has driving experience and offered to assist me with Emi's driving training. True to form, Emi was a rock star. Cindy ground drove her for a bit before having me walk beside her with a PVC shaft. I started out a ways away from her to make sure she wasn't going to be bothered with it dragging along beside her. She gave it the hairy eye ball but kept working. I slowly moved closer to her and in no time I was walking with PVC pipe up against her. Since that was pretty much a non-issue Cindy said we were ready to add the dummy shafts.

Since there was another horse working in the arena we opted to go outside. At this point I led Emi and Cindy pulled the dummy shafts along behind us, moved in front of us and finally walked beside us. Emi was a little unsure of having the shafts pushed up against her and tried to step away from them. A few minutes into this she began walking normally. We called it quits at that point in the lesson. Cindy was impressed that Emi wasn't bothered by the shafts dragging, or really anything else and she thinks Emi will make a great driving horse.  She gave us some homework to do and will come back to help us some other time. 


  1. All the work you put into Emi as a baby has really paid off!


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