Friday, June 17, 2016


Miss Emi had a lesson in forward tonight. At this point (ride #9) she's now comfortable with me being on her so we want to get the go button firmly installed. It was a fun lesson, pushing her forward into a nice big trot and eventually an accidental (or not so accidental) break into the canter (if you follow me on Instagram I've posted a short video there).  Our first canter was super fun! We did three pretty nice circles before bringing her back to the trot. We have a lot of work to do but I'm pleased with our progress so far.  It's easy to forget what a long process horse training is. Our current typical work schedule is 3-4 days per week with a mix of lunging in side reins, long lining, ground driving and short (10-15 minute) rides.

After our lesson tonight she got her mane and tail washed. While the conditioner was sitting on her tail I braided her mane over. She snoozed in the cross ties while I fussed over her. She really loves the attention.

Tomorrow we have a visit with the saddle fitter so I'm excited to see what we figure out. Following that we are tentatively planning for a follow up lesson early next week and then our next lesson is going to be a long lining/ground work session with KB handling her.


  1. I love reading about a horse being started off correctly. It's so hard to go back and fix (I'm living that!)
    She looks very happy :)

  2. I love how chill and relaxed she seems about the work!


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