Sunday, June 5, 2016

Plan B

We've had some beautiful weather the past week and with that came hay season. At our barn the hay fields back right up to the arena so when I arrived at the barn and saw that hay was being picked up I decided to come up with another plan. 

Practicing her wind-blown model look in front of the fan.
I chose to tack Emi up and ground drive her down the barn driveway. Our ground driving is on the rough side so I wasn't sure how it would go but figured I could always abandon that plan if I needed to. There was no need to worry. We started off looking like drunk sailors but got straightened out pretty quickly. I kept turning and crossing the road, from the grass on one side of the road to the grass on the other side, then a half circle and back up towards the barn. We even trotted with out any issues. I was seriously impressed! She's such a good kid. 

Always nice to be hosed off after a hot day


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