Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Adventures Continue...

Hauling out to local trails was an adventure on Monday, hauling an hour a way for a poker ride was an even larger adventure. Yet again, I was blown away by how good Emi was. She loaded and hauled great, came off the trailer calmly and stood nicely tied while I got her ready. 

We were riding with a fellow boarder, Melissa, and her friend Susan. On our way up I asked Melissa if Susan knew Emi was really green...nope. In the interest of full disclosure we did let her know when we arrived. We had opted to ride out at the earliest possibly start time hoping to avoid unnecessary traffic.

Emi was completely calm but to be "safe" I led her out to the first check point. Once I had my cards drawn I mounted up and off we went. She walked right along and kept up with the other two horses in our group. We were nicely spaced out with the other horses on the trail with the group in front and behind us a ways off. 

Do you ever have those moments were people you are with (family, friends etc) tell other people stuff about you that you didn't plan to disclose? We got to the second check point and Susan was raving about how good Emi is and telling people that this was only her 16th ride. This happened several times during the ride and many people were impressed and asked what breed she was. 

After the second check point the group of horses that were behind us seemed to be catching up a little bit. I could tell that Emi was a little nervous that they were trailing us with her ears back, neck a little tense, taking a few quick steps forward here and there. We continued along for a bit before Melissa got a little close behind us and Emi kicked at Scotty. Naughty naughty! I gave her a kick and we moved her to the back of the pack. 

Naughty pony had to travel at the back of the pack
We had been riding around the edge of the field but at this point we moved to a wooded trail with several very muddy patches. Emi was again getting a little nervous so we put her back in the middle with Susan being careful to not ride too close. The first big muddy spot we came to found Scotty scrambling along the edge of the trail to avoid going through the mud. He was slipping and sliding. Emi made a move to follow him but I directed her more towards the middle of the trail and she slogged through the mud. Each spot we encountered she willing crossed. 

Muddy feet at the third stop
The third stop was also the first stop so there were several people on horseback waiting to draw cards. Emi stood so quietly while we waited our turn. When we were done we went down to the water that was nearby to see if they'd go in. Melissa got Scotty in and Emi went in pretty easily. I was afraid  she may have forgotten her water lessons from last summer...but she definitely hasn't. As soon as she got in she started pawing like crazy! Susan warned me to watch for her to lay down. After a lot of splashing I finally kicked her out for fear that she was actually going to try going down.

Same water, a year earlier. 
At this point in the ride we were nearing home. Susan's horse was starting to have a meltdown and there were some horses coming up pretty quickly behind us. We couldn't see them through the trees and brush but we could hear them as one of the horses was wearing a bell.  We opted to turn around and wait for them. As we stopped Susan commented that her horse was going to blow. I decided that was my cue to hop off. Once they were passed and everyone was settled I got back on. It wasn't too much further down the road that we encountered several groups of horses heading out on the ride (the trail was shared through a couple of spots). The first pair we encountered was already a bit out of control with the rider leaning off to one side. Her horse was turning it's butt and kicking at us before we even passed. I again took this as my cue to get off and passed around her as widely as possible. I opted to finish the rest of the ride on foot since we were almost back anyway.

I was clearly not thrilled with Emi kicking at her trail buddy and that is something I'll need to keep an eye on for the future. But...that was the only "bad" part of a 2 hour (6 mile) ride. Not only did she handle encountering several groups of horses on the trail but she also worked well through all of the muddy and slippery spots and she stood nicely at every check point. We continue to build our partnership and I'm counting the day as a success!

My best girl

Thrilled to hang out at the trail snacking with her buddy


  1. Reading about your adventures with Emi has me looking back on Annie last year. They seem to have pretty similar brains. im sure Emi will figure out the kick thing. That was a lot to throw at her and if that's the worst that happened she's worth her weight in gold Brain alone!!

    1. Yes, I think you are right. Annie is amazing for sure!

  2. Sounds like a solid outing for baby Emi!

  3. Such a good outing!!! You've got a super pony!

    1. I think she is developing in to one for sure!

  4. I think she wins the award for best baby horse ever. Wow!!

    1. Well...I'm not sure about "ever" but she's definitely high on the list. :)

  5. What a good girl! She's already amazing, so excited to hear what the future brings.9


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