Sunday, August 7, 2016

Adventures Galore

Emi and I got to go on another trail riding adventure on Saturday. We hauled down to Elijah Bristow State Park which is  just a few minutes from where Emi was born. We met up with her breeder and a friend of her breeders. We also had 3 of our barn mates along. I had a few concerns heading in to the adventure as I wasn't sure how Emi would do with a group of 6 horses. To add to that her BFF pasture mate, Ruby, was coming and her mother, Chloe. I thought it might be a little much for her, but...I have this opinion that worst case scenario I can always walk.

Emi came off the trailer quietly and after I got her tacked up I mounted up. Melissa, one of the barn mates that I trail ride with most, commented that I got on Emi right away. I really hadn't given it a second thought but once she mentioned it I realized that the other times we've taken her away from home I've always led her a ways before we got on. She's getting more broke and I'm getting more confident! It's such a nice feeling.

We fell in line behind Ruby and off we went. Although Emi was a little tense she was listening and being good. I warned the group that she might kick under the right (or wrong) circumstances but we didn't have any issues with that this time around. We rode about 4 miles, crossed two wooden bridges, saw a couple groups of deer and went through a water crossing.

Last summer we got Emi in the water everywhere we went and this summer she has been quite good about getting in. She actually really likes it and loves to splash...which led to her trying to roll. We had crossed the creek and I let her go back in for a drink. She started pawing and someone told me that she looked like she was doing to go down. I started kicking her but she wasn't moving. Suddenly her legs were buckling and we were going down! I popped off and she jumped up as soon as the water hit her belly. Talk about funny! My feet and lower legs got wet along with one side of the saddle but it wasn't too bad. It was a great reason to take my tack home to clean it.

When we arrived back at the parking lot we got a photo of Emi and Chloe together. They touched noses and Chloe squealed, threatening to turn her butt towards we kept our distance for a photo.  Cindy and I have discussed meeting up for a ride with her girls since I purchased Emi so it was really fun to see that plan be realized. 3 years went by fast!


  1. That's so cool! It would be a kick to go for a ride with Lance's dam; she's palomino, too. Lance went down with me in a big puddle at Willamette Mission State Park and got one whole side of an expensive saddle wet and muddy; I am much more careful now (and thankful I have a Wintec!).

  2. That looks like a lot of fun!


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