Monday, August 1, 2016


Emi and I had our best ride yet, this evening. Now, that's not too hard to say when you are only on ride 21...but still. Really I should back up and tell you about ride 20, because it was awesome too.

Ride 20 was on Saturday and was a ride of firsts. It was our first ride where I didn't lunge her prior to hopping on. We rode in the arena for about 30 minutes, focusing on getting her forward. She was more forward than she had been on our Thursday lesson so I was happy about that. I rode her over poles for the first time and she was good about those. I then opened the arena gate from her back (a first), took her on a short trail ride (she led 1/2 of it), then walked her back to the barn passing through a deep ditch on our way (also a first). She hesitated at the ditch but didn't take much encouragement from me to go through.

Ride 21 was tonight. I again got on with out lunging first. I decided since she tends towards being lazy there really isn't a point to lunging her first since it only seems to "waste" her energy before I get on. I do walk her around the ring a couple of times doing a little bit of ground work to make sure her head is in the game. So far so good on that front. Tonight we were also in the arena alone for the first 15 minutes or so. I hadn't yet ridden her with out supervision so that was fun and I felt like it helped us both be a bit more focused. Emi got a bit distracted when the other horse entered the ring but settled back in to work easily. She was going forward really well and I was experimenting with getting her too forward. I could hear JW in my head saying to take a risk.

After a fair amount of trotting, circles, directions changes etc. I asked for the canter. We successfully cantered both directions with out assistance. This is another first for us! In our last lesson I was able to get a few canter strides to the right with out help but had no success to the left. It's amazing how balanced Emi feels and also how quickly she is learning. Her understanding from week to week is progressing rapidly and it makes things so fun. As soon as we cantered to the left I stopped her and hopped off with lots of praise for a job well done. I am absolutely thrilled with her! She's better than I could have asked for or imagined and I'm so thankful for her.

Where are my cookies???


  1. Yes, where are the cookies? That face deserves tons of cookies. :)
    I'm glad that you had a good ride.

  2. I'm amazed at how well she's coming along!

  3. If she goes missing.... don't look in california ;)

    1. horse stealing allowed. :)

  4. She looks SO good in turquoise :)

  5. Good baby horses need all the cookies!

  6. She just looks more and more grown up in those side shots (still looks like a baby asking for cookies ;-)

  7. She's so pretty!

  8. Aw it makes me so happy to read this!! She is really thriving it seems!!

  9. I love your teal saddle pad. Eli is looking so grown up now.


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