Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition

One of the things that I was most upset about when I learned I was going to have chemo, was the fact that I was going to lose my hair. I even mentioned it to my oncologist who nonchalantly said "it'll grow back." I knew that was true but at the same time she made it seem a little insignificant. In the midst of having my life turned upside down it did not feel insignificant...however I understand in the grand scheme of things it was. Hair after chemo was one of the only things I did a google search on, trying to see how long it would take for my hair to grown back.  Here are a few photos of my hair journey.

 This first photo was pre-cancer by a couple of months

 A little over a month post chemo

First meeting with Emi - 3 months post chemo

About 6 months post chemo

A year and a half post chemo

Two and a half years post chemo

3 years post chemo

When I finished chemo and my hair started growing back I didn't have any interest in having it cut. I got it trimmed and shaped up a couple of times but otherwise felt very protective of my new hair. This past spring I finally felt ready, and actually eager, to cut it. I really wanted to do it in June but I also wanted to be able to cut enough to donate and I was really close but not quite ready. I waited a few more months and today I was able to have 8 inches cut off. It's fun to make a change.


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