Saturday, August 13, 2016

Flexible Fit - A Review

When I put out the call for bridle ideas I got many responses. A few people told me to check out Flexible Fit. I headed over to their website to take a look. I found what I was looking for in the Flexi-Fit Mix and Match Monocrown Bridle. I took Emi's measurements and emailed them to be sure what I wanted. I received a quick response suggesting I order a horse sized nose and crown piece and cob sized cheek pieces.

Since I already had a browband by Dark Jewel Designs I skipped ordering that and I also skipped ordering reins since I already had a pair that I liked. The grand total (with shipping) was $125.78. Factor in the exchange rate and my total was $98.14. I received the order quickly and the leather was fairly supple straight out of the box. The fit is good, although the noseband is on the small side. I thought we'd have plenty of room by ordering the horse size. Apparently Emi has a big nose!

So far the bridle is breaking in nicely. The leather isn't amazing but it's decent for the price and it should hold up well for my purposes. I think Emi is adorable in it and I'm thankful for the suggestions to look at Flexible Fit.

Looking like an official dressage pony


  1. It looks nice. I am going to check it out as Carmen's head is not that easy to fit.

  2. Lovely pic at the end - looks good! Great you can receive suggestions and try them out!

  3. I think she is very adorable in that bridle!

  4. I thought I spotted it on her in your other posts! Looks nice :-)

  5. She looks cute! I might have to look into this for a bridle for Houston. He's a tough fit.


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