Monday, August 29, 2016

Future Benefit

I've been busy and un-inspired recently....not a good combo for great blog content. It's hard to make a good green baby into a riveting read. Things are coming along quickly but at the same time they are slow. We continue to work on the same things and she gets a little more broke with each ride, but it's nothing earth shattering.

In preparation for our schooling show on Saturday we did haul out for a lesson on Sunday. I've hauled her out a few times recently but always with other horses. She traveled like a seasoned horse, even by herself. She did come off the trailer wide eyed but settled in really quickly. I took her for two laps around the arena before tying her to the trailer and getting her tacked up. Once I was finished we headed back to the arena where I mounted up and started walking her around. She was pretty slow as she was gawking.

KB remarked that she hadn't seen her so pokey since we first started with her. I agreed and told her that she was "worse" (slower) than she has been at home. After I walk break I asked to trot again and was more insistent with the stick and she finally got moving. I suspect that our go and steering will be a bit iffy at the show...but that's okay. I'd much prefer slow to explosive. As KB said, I'm taking her to this show for the future benefit, the second, third, fourth, eighth show; it's really not about this show at all. I completely agreed with her and I'm glad that's the way she sees it too. So we are off to get more miles on Saturday and I'm looking forward to have the first test down, with many more to go.

She's turning in to an awesome little horse!


  1. Seems like a reasonable way to plan for this show - hope it goes well and is a good foundation type experience!!

  2. Great idea to take her to the show just for miles.


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