Monday, August 15, 2016

Hang On

Since I got a new bridle for Emi I now have a bridle for Roz. I got his bit on it a few days ago and decided to take him for a spin tonight. I put his hoof boots, bridled him up, grabbed my helmet and off we went. I took him through the barn, past the house and down the driveway before going back up through the barn and out into his pasture. One lap around and I let him take me where he wanted to go. He headed straight back through the barn and out towards the driveway. There we ran in to our neighbors who asked what his name is and told me he was beautiful. I introduced them and told him he was my old horse. They were shocked to hear that was 24. As we talked they mentioned a trail they had behind there house and that I was welcome to ride Roz on it. We headed up the hill to their house and through the wooded trail.  The trail took a pretty steep uphill turn shortly after we got on it and Roz took off trotting. I was clinging to his back like a monkey, one hand in his mane and one on the reins. We crested the hill and we dropped back to a walk. The trail was short but it was fun to have somewhere new to explore with him and really nice of them to offer it to me. Our trail adventure done, we meandered back down to our barn for dinner. Roz seemed thrilled for the outing and I love getting to hang out with him.

Yes, we cruz around the neighborhood looking like dorks. :)


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