Monday, September 19, 2016

Mustang Meeting

Last weekend I had the chance to go camping in the Steens Mountain. Not only was it fun to get away and see part of Oregon that I hadn't seen before, it was also fun because there are mustangs in the Steens! This was my first time seeing wild horses actually "in the wild."

The friends I camped with had been over there about 6 weeks ago and said there were so many horses! Unfortunately, we arrived a week or two after they rounded up 150 horses. Although the viewing wasn't quite as neat as what they had seen previously it was still a really cool experience.

So many palominos

Loved watching the interplay between these two
 On our way home we stopped at the corrals in Burns. It was my first time through and so much fun! There are so many different colors and styles! I could have taken way too many home. The pens are split up into various groups. The horses pulled from the Steens were in one pen, yearlings in another. There were a couple pens of mares and foals, along with 3-4 year old mares and then a couple groups of stallions.

So much color on this little guy
A mustang from the Steens. We learned that this herd is managed for paints. 
As we were driving through I was asked if I would ever want to adopt one. Of course my answer was yes, it's on my list. I was then asked how I would pick one. My response was that I'd want a friendly one. As we drove up to the pen that had the yearlings in it, the one shown below picked it's head up out of it's hay pile and had the friendliest expression. That's the one I want!

This one was a close second and would have actually been a better choice since it was pretty tall

I took a few photos and returned to the truck to chat a bit more. After a few minutes I moved back to the fence to capture a little more of these adorable yearlings. As I was standing there a group of them slowly, curiously, made there way over to me. The leader of the pack? The adorable friendly one I had picked out as we drove up. It was such a cool moment to have him come over to sniff me. What's not to love about that adorable face? 

Adopting a mustang was already on my bucket list but this trip solidified it even more. I could have spent hours with those yearlings. What a fun age! 


  1. I was going to go to Burns to pick out my next horse the summer I got Lance. They closed Burns to visitors; the rest is history!

  2. it would be hard to not want to take one home!

  3. What an amazing trip!! I would be sorely tempted to take one home, too!

  4. That sounds so neat! And you got such great pictures too!

  5. That's so cool seeing them in the wild. I saw some in Nevada on a pack trip, but they were further away. I would totally recommend adopting a Mustang.

  6. I've always been rather interested by the concept of a mustang but usually I have enough trouble with a normal domestic horse that I'm not sure I'd really want to take on an actual feral one. Lots of pretty colors though!


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