Thursday, October 20, 2016


I finally got back in the saddle with Miss Emi. I rode her on Monday of last week and then left on a trip for work. She was lunged once while I was gone and I long lined her on Tuesday. Other than that she had a little down time which was perfect after our big lesson trip. 

I was really impressed with how good she was tonight. We are practicing standing nicely at the mounting block and I've begun to incorporate sugar cubes into that event. Tonight I gave her sugar when she stopped beside the mounting block and then I climbed aboard while she was busy eating her sugar. It was perfect timing. We made a few laps around the arena and she let me know that she was "scared" of both ends of the arena. I didn't give her much leeway as I don't actually believe her. I kicked her on and as soon as we started trotting I gave her a "project" as discussed with JW.  She gave me some really great answers and I kept the work short and sweet. It feels so good to be back in the saddle. 


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