Sunday, November 13, 2016

Preparing for Christmas

I was at the craft store this afternoon and came across an awesome string of jingle bells. Of course I had to have them. Not only are they perfect for pony torture but also for our annual Christmas photos. In fact, I purchased three things at the store and all three were for Emi. A sheet of iron on paper to put an E on her stocking, plastic sewing needles (for braiding) and the jingle bells. 

Christmas 2015
After I finished my errands I headed out to the barn to see what she would think. I took her over to the arena and wore them around my neck for a couple of laps. She followed along and didn't seem too disturbed...

Next I put them over her back and we walked along like that. She was pretty good about that as well although you could tell she was a little unsure. 

Finally I tied them around her neck, walked and trotted with her before I put her out on the lunge line. She trotted a few laps before getting a bit worried and cantering off. She did one good buck, kicking out like she was trying to get them off. I stopped her right away and she settled right back down. After leading her around a bit more I put her back out on the lunge line and got the below video. 

I'd say we are ready for Christmas! 


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