Saturday, November 26, 2016

We Needed It

Emi and I got to go the Oregon Horse Center mountain trail course today. We did the same thing last year...with one major difference. I got to ride her this year! 
What a difference a year can make!
I led her through the course for about 15 minutes before putting her bridle on and mounting. She walked around quietly and navigated the obstacles with out a problem.

Love that beautiful, curious expression. 

Once bridled she stood still to be mounted and off we went. I wasn't sure how confident she would be once I was on her back.  I was able to successfully navigate almost the whole thing with out any assistance. We called upon Scotty for a lead through the water and also around the teepee village area. We also spent some time following Scotty around as a mental break for Emi.

Our first riding obstacle! 

Taking in the sights
The bridge was no problem for this girl!
A lead from Scotty made the water a little more approachable. 
I love the moment this one captures. Emi was unsure of traveling up this trail with me riding her. Cindy caught a great moment where I was petting her for going forward like I had asked. 
Another bridge over a corner of the water

Scotty showing her around the "village"
Taking a mental break while following Scotty around
There was a lot of activity but Emi was really calm and focused (not to mention willing). She did seriously consider taking me swimming (again) but I managed to get her out of the water before that happened. At the end of our ride I took her back up on the big box. She hadn't wanted to come down from it very well the first time I rode her on it. It was connected to a bridge sort of thing and she had ended up stepping down on the bridge and then stepping down to the ground. The second time I rode her up on it and sat quietly at the top. I waited to see if she would try to turn to step back on to the bridge but she instead took a good look at the drop in front of her and hopped down with out a problem. I promptly stopped her and got off, making a big fuss over what a smart girl she is.

We haven't been having the best of rides at home so a successful outing was just what we needed. 


  1. Maybe all she needed was a major change of scenery. ;-)

  2. wow! ?That is fabulous- I love your smile. It says it all.

  3. Sounds like the perfect outing for her and a great way to help her tune in and engage in the process! I'm always super jealous of that course - it looks so fun!!

  4. What a good girl! I miss playing around on that course. Jetta is just not into it one bit!

    1. That's a bummer Jetta doesn't like. In another couple years you can take your baby! :)

  5. What a great experience for a young horse! She is just so pretty :)

  6. So fun! And so good for their brains! I definitely want to get to an obstacle course with Tony. We've played a bit with Working Equitation stuff, and I think he could be good at it ;)

  7. I am still REALLY jealous of this -- I WANT TO GO. I just don't want to drive 2,000+ miles to get there, lol

  8. This actually looks like so much fun!! Great job to you both


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