Thursday, November 3, 2016

Young at Heart

Roz may be 24 but he doesn't know he's "old." My dad turned him out for a while today and reported that "Roz put on a show for me." Later on I heard there was a lot of bucking, rearing, running and rolling that commenced after he was put out on the pasture. I'm so glad he still loves to play and run. You can see that thoroughbred heart come out in him as he gallops around the field...just like I'm sure he did back when he was a kid. Pure joy in my young at heart boy.

Clearly dirty from all of that rolling but he's still so handsome
My other Roz story relates to a party I was at recently. An acquaintance asked if I still had that bay gelding. She's a veterinary technician at the hospital that diagnosed Roz's navicular and he hasn't been in there for at least 4 years. She told me what a wonderful horse he was to work on and that she loved him. I was impressed that she remembered him and knew he was mine. It's always nice to have a horse be remembered because of how good they are!


  1. He looks GREAT (I'd never guess he was 24 ;)

    1. Thank you! He's shaggy in his winter coat but he'll look even better in the spring.

  2. He looks so good. I hope my boy looks and acts like that at 24!

  3. Aw that is so sweet that they remembered him after all those years!


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