Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange

This is my second year participating in the blogger gift exchange and it's always so much fun. Horse people are so good at giving awesome gifts to other horse people. This year I got a lovely package from Cathryn at That Red Mare.

This is the information I provided:
  • About Me: I have a 3 year old welsh cob who I am preparing to compete in dressage this coming year. I love pink/purple/teal. Specific gift ideas: Fly bonnet (standard sizes fit the pony), mane N tail detangler, bit wipes, a new paddle tail brush,  
Inside my nicely wrapped package was a lovely grey and pink bonnet. I told my friend that it will match one of my saddle pads super well... and I then found out it was made to match that saddle pad. Emi will be stylin' this year! The bonnet was made by "If the Bonnet Fits."

The pad it will match so perfectly with

I also received a purple tail brush, Cowboy Magic detangler and some treats. I got almost everything off my list! Of course I had to pull Emi out of her stall to model for me last night....

Can you say adorable? Thank you, Cathryn!


  1. Aw great gifts! Perfect for Emi.

  2. ITBF is my favorite. :) Great job by your SS!

  3. Awesome! Emi looks so fashionable and GROWN UP! I can hardly stand it :D

  4. Emi would look good wearing a shower cap or hairnet--she's so pretty she could pull anything off. What fun gifts!

  5. I am so glad you liked it all :) It was fun designing the bonnet for you.

  6. Amazing gifts! Love the bonnet on her!


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