Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Keeping Me Humble

Thank you all for the nice comments regarding my clinic posts. It's nice to know people read along and that they are rooting for you.

Horses sure do have a way of keeping us humble. Saturday I had that fabulous clinic ride. Monday I had some friends out to the barn to see the kittens and to hang out with us. The plan was for the girls to take a pony ride on Miss Em after I rode her. These two girls are frequently in Emi photos and they love getting to "ride" her. As it turned out Emi was NOT having it!

I rode her in some jingle bells that I wanted to use on a trial ride this weekend. After ten minutes of a very tense pony I removed the bells. 5 more minutes of riding and she was no better. Off again, this time to change her saddle pad (maybe a princess and the pea situation?). No better. Off again, this time for the lunge line. 10-15 minutes of lunging and back on again. This time she was more settled so after 10 more minutes we called it a night. Talk about a difficult ride. We did end up taking a few photos with the stinker pony which turned out pretty cute. Now the 2 year old who normally says "ride, Emi, helmet" is saying "Emi, spin, spankin'." How funny is that!?

Emi did redeem herself with a great ride this afternoon so that was very much appreciated. Horses were in today due to predicted ice and snow. I lunged her for about 10 minutes prior to hopping on. Once in the saddle I was able to go to work on some of our clinic homework. I hope we come out ready to play for our next clinic. 

I'm noticing that my saddle seems to be sliding forward so I've also contacted the saddle fitter to schedule an appointment. Hopefully we will be able to make a trip to her in the near future. 


  1. maybe she was unimpressed with snow in her indoor??! You need windows. :)
    But she looks so incredibly adorable in her outfit.

  2. I think it's their job to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously ;) She looks adorable all festived up!

  3. "spanink'" Kids are to funny. The snow looks so pretty drifting into the arena.

  4. She's looking so good! I somehow haven't been following you for awhile so last time I read your blog was before you really started riding her. You guys have made TONS of progress!

  5. Dawh! First world problems for Emi!


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