Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter is not my season....

A co-worker and I share the same opinion about this time of year. Not only are the short days depressing but the mud and the cold weather don't help. 

Ride #60 was great and then Emi ended up with 7 days off (besides being lunged one of those days). Lack of motivation (see above: dark, rainy, cold) combined with a busier than normal social calendar is to blame for the time off.  

Lunging on Tuesday and it was so cold!

Did I mention that we have a clinic tomorrow? Sounds like the perfect prep prior to taking a green three year old to a clinic...not! If it doesn't go well it's entirely my fault, however, I'm feeling more confident after a fabulous ride tonight. Not only had Emi been off work for 7 days but horses were in today due to ice and it was about 32 degrees when I went out to ride tonight. I lunged her for less than 10 minutes before hopping on and she was lovely. Way less spooky than she had been. I kept our ride short but did several three loop serpentines and some canter transitions. It's amazing how much easier things are when your horse isn't spooking at both ends of the arena!  Hopefully I'll have so new photos and/or video after the clinic. 

This is what my car looked like before I went to the barn...
Such a good girl! Pretty sure she growing as her butt seems to be getting taller.


  1. But hey, you have an indoor so thats great! Have fun at the clinic.

  2. Excited to hear how it goes. I definitely feel your pain in hating winter and the slump.

  3. What a good girl! Looking forward to reading about your clinic. I am trying hard to stay upbeat and optimistic for Winter in Indiana - hoping for a mild one.

  4. Not my favorite time of year! I rode in 26 degree weather Wednesday night, and opted to skip last night. I haven't ridden in daylight in way too long....

    1. It's the daylight that really gets me!!! It's totally different to be out in the dark night after night.

  5. Indoor helps! Good luck at the clinic

  6. WInter's not my season either, but at least you've got the indoor. Good luck at the clinic.


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