Friday, January 20, 2017

Still Here

In case you are wondering (and don't follow me on Instagram or Emi's facebook page), we are still here. We are still riding the crazy train of a 3 year old horse in the winter. Some days are great...some involve lunging only. Monday afternoon she was a nut and a fellow boarder commented that "she's athletic". I'm not sure what gave her that idea...maybe the bucking or the trotting around with her tail up over her back like an Arabian. Haha.

Emi says "don't believe everything you hear"
I've been riding Roz about once a week and he's been great! He feels decent (video also on Instagram) and seems to enjoy getting out with me. It's been delightful to back on him. I sure do love that boy!
That face is just too cute!

Showing a younger horse around the neighborhood. Rozzy Ridge=worth his weight in gold. 

I'm starting to piece together some horse plans for the spring. We have a clinic with JW in 2 weeks. In March I'm hoping to attend a dressage schooling show and also take a field trip to see JW. April is Rolex but also might include another show at the beginning of the month. Spring can't get here soon enough!


  1. I feel you - there isn't much going on that is exciting in the world of Annie and I right now either.

    So love the fact you are enjoying your Roz man!

  2. Happy everyone is doing good! I'm DYING for spring!!!

  3. The "she's athletic" comment is fantastic!!! LOL!

  4. Winter always equals crazy ponies and sporadic riding. Spring will be here soon though!


    Snowing here again so it doesn't feel like it.

  6. New reader here, hope you don't mind a blog follow (: As a fellow Christian (and equestrian), I want to say you have an encouraging testimony and thank you for bravely sharing your cancer story here. Can't wait to keep reading more about your adventures with the ponies!

    1. Thanks for commenting (and following). I hope you enjoy reading along.


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