Sunday, February 5, 2017

Back At It

I've been majorly slacking off in the blogging department, and it's not even because I've had nothing to talk about. I've been in the middle of moving and the place that I was staying didn't have internet (or even very good cell service). That makes for difficult blogging! Expect a few catch up posts in the coming days. 

Friday and Saturday Emi and I went to our JW clinic. It's been two months since our last clinic so I was looking forward to getting more input on the next steps. We showed our trot work to start and JW challenged me to be able to move her shoulders around, mainly by counter bending and having her shoulders "fall in." Let me tell you, this was much harder than I expected. I kept losing her shoulders to the outside, especially tracking right. This would cause me to get a little desperate and I'd pull her around with my right rein, making the falling out shoulders even worse. For whatever reason I really struggled with this area of the lesson and wasn't getting the job done very well. 

We addressed the canter as a current main sticking point for being ready to show training level. J feels like it's time to start demanding more from Emi regarding the transition as she tends to be very slow picking it up. We did find that due to the falling out shoulder issue, tracking left (confusing I know) her shoulders are falling right which is causing me to hold with my left rein. As soon as I gave the left rein away we got our best canter transition ever...I think I have been getting in her way! Oops! The canter itself was fairly good and she was nicely forward, just like we have been practicing. 

We do still have opinions sometimes

Love that sweet face!


  1. Wow! Love the look of the trot - will look forward to riding something like that in the future!

    1. Her trot is really nice and fun to ride! :)

  2. So much sass! She's looking really good.

  3. Replies
    1. She's getting there...better and better the older she gets.

  4. Controlling specific parts of the body can be really challenging -- I struggle a lot with the haunches myself.

  5. Ha I worked on something very similar in a recent lesson: struggling with the shoulder falling out to the right while tracking left. It's a surprisingly tricky issue!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm very pleased with her progress.

  7. Man, that trot is DREAMY. She's looking so good!!


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