Thursday, February 2, 2017

Because Inspiration Photo Challenge

BecausePony put on a photo challenge as part of her website launch. I thoroughly enjoyed participating and thought I'd share my photos with all of you. 

Selfie Time - Day 1 of the @becausepony challenge. Owner of two adorable horses: Emi (the 3 year old welsh cob pictured) and Roz (my 24 year old TB). I ride dressage and eventually hope to get back to low level eventing. 

Discipline - Day 2 of the @becausepony challenge. I mainly ride dressage and I also enjoy trail riding. Back in the day I used to jump... I love dressage for the meticulous detail and the harmony between horse and rider. I can't wait to do a musical freestyle some day! 

Critter Menagerie - Day 3 of the @becausepony photo challenge. My only non equine pet is my dog, Annie May. She's a darling 12 year old border collie mix. A total goof ball and always happy. For my next dog I plan to get a standard poodle! 

Pony love ❤️ part 1 of the @becausepony photo challenge. Rozzy Ridge has been a fixture in my life the past 10 years. He's an OTTB that will turn 25 on March 7th. I really have so many special photos of him. The top photo of us cuddling at the beach was taken a day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There's no better therapy than horses at the beach! He's been an amazing partner whether it was trail riding, jumping, riding bareback, showing or being a lesson pony, he's been game for it all and loves having a job. He's priceless to me.

Pony love ❤️ part 2 of the @becausepony photo challenge. Winterlake Emerald is a 3 year old welsh cob mare. I purchased her at 3 days old and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey with her. She's a dream come true for me and it's been amazing to watch her grow into a beautiful mare. From teaching her to lead, to her first bath, to her first ride...what fun! I can't help but think the best is yet to come

Barn Buds - The @becausepony photo challenge day 5. My longest barn friend is @gakstattin. So many memories there. We could write a book! 😜Then my littlest barn friends that just love Emi. I walk through the door and that's all those girls want is to look at photos of Emi on my phone. Darling, @chantellelerae. ❤️Finally the 1/2 Arab club @nvrdonefrm and @liss714. I may no longer have a 1/2 Arab but I'm always happy to be on their team.

Comfort Zone - For day 6 of the @becausepony photo challenge. This year my biggest challenge was starting a horse for the first time. With the help of a knowledgeable trainer and a sweet pony it went smoothly and now we are continuing our journey towards having a dressage pony.

Imagine That - Day 7 of the @becausepony photo. I really don't consider myself a creative person but I'd say my best creative effort has been my blog. Otherwise I'd say I'm fairly creative at my job...mostly problem solving.

Got Skillz? - Day 8 of the @becausepony photo challenge. Skills outside the barn...what are those? 😳 Seriously though, I'd have to say photography.

Kindness Counts - Day 9 of the @becausepony photo challenge. This photo was taken during my 6th chemo treatment (almost exactly 4 years ago) with my friend, Kellie, who sat through all but one chemo treatment with me. That's a gift of time, energy and encouragement that just can't be beat. 

Ready? Set? Goal - The final day of the @becausepony photo challenge. I have so many goals this year. My main goal is to be able to show Emi training level with in the next six months. My other big goal is to put in an outdoor arena at my new house and move both horse home. 😍 I better get to work!


  1. What a wonderful post :) Love the pictures! My coach has two standard poodles and they're the best barn/kid/horse friendly dogs I've ever seen!

  2. That beach photograph is amazing! What a cool challenge :)


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