Monday, February 6, 2017

Clinic Day 2

Saturday we headed back down for our second day of clinic. Not surprisingly, Emi was on the tired side. We started our ride with some of the shoulders falling in from the previous day and then moved right on in to the canter work before she got too tired. The canter was harder than on Friday as I just didn't have as much pony. We did practice more transitions (using the diagonal exercise). We then moved on to my favorite portion of the lesson. We did more trot work, but this was focused on forehand turns and ultimately leg yielding at the trot, nose to the wall. We didn't actually get the final piece in place but we started on it and that's my homework now.

She's great at doing a leg yield nose to the wall (at the walk) but the trot was a new area. We set it up by doing some forehand turns and then trotting off. Not only was this a nice exercise to get her moving off my leg but the transitions really began to sharpen her up as well. Towards the end of this time she was carrying herself better and better, and was trotting off promptly and forward. The leg yield at the trot with her nose to the wall was difficult and we only got a couple small steps each direction. When I struggled to get it, we'd bring her back to the walk and re-establish it at the walk before going back to the trot and trying it again. I'm looking forward to practicing that more because I think she's will be good at it once she figures it out. 

Once our lesson was over we had two barn mates to watch (and video). The clinic location doesn't have any stabling available and it was pouring down rain so not a nice day to tie to the trailer. Emi stood 2-3 feet from me, by the tripod, while I video for almost an hour and a half. She snoozed most of the time. At one point, a fellow clinic participant came over to cuddle with Emi and said she was in love with her.

As with the last clinic, I still feel like we are on the right track. She's making progress and I'm making progress. My personal take aways are that I need to focus this next month on being able to move her body around more. I need to expect her to be more prompt about her canter departs and I need to follow through better regarding her response to my leg. I sometimes get sucked in to nagging! I'll share clinic video once I have a chance to upload it.

My video assistant. Being a big kid is hard work!


  1. Sounds like a great exercise!

  2. It's hard growing up to be a big girl dressage pony 😉


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