Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Grazing Muzzle Advice

Emi is going to be out in a large pasture this spring and I do not plan to have her turn into an umpa-lumpa. Any grazing muzzle advice? She wore one a little bit the spring of her 2 year old year so it won't be entirely new to her but I want to get her a good one. Does anyone have a favorite grazing muzzle?


  1. Try the Harmany Muzzle. https://www.facebook.com/harmanymuzzles/?hc_ref=SEARCH I have not tried this brand since we moved off grass before it came along, but the maker is a respected holistic vet who has worked on my horses. She also developed a halter to use with it to prevent shifting. We used something similar on Rosemary and Winston with success.

  2. My favorite is the Tough-1 Easy Breathe muzzle. MUCH lighter weight than a lot of muzzles on the market, has nice big holes over the nose, and the horses tend to keep them on better because they are more comfortable and rub less. I prefer the kind with the integrated halter and velcro quick-release!

  3. My advise? They suck. I hate them and so does my pony 😂 The darn torture devices rubbed his poor nose! Good luck 😉

  4. I also hated it but I did find that the best way to keep it on Katai was to braid a chunk of her forelock into her mane over the top of the muzzle which sort of tied it to her head lol. Otherwise after a few weeks of wearing it she'd figured out how to rub it off. After I started doing that she kept it on the rest of the summer and I only needed to redo the braid every week or so.

    1. Over the top of the crownpiece of the halter :)

  5. I had the Best Friend's muzzle. The only way I could keep it on was to use bailing twine to attach the muzzle to a leather cribbing collar. Even then she would sometimes get it off.


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