Monday, February 13, 2017

Saucy Sassy & So Fun

I had a great ride on Emi tonight and yet she was pretty sassy. I tried using a jumping bat as JW recommended trying it for use on her shoulder when she's trying to pop it out. It seemed to work well except for the fact that I had to take a hand off the reins to use it behind my leg. We had been working for a bit and she was being good, not tense or very looky. I asked for a canter and she didn't go. I asked again with a smack behind my leg to which she responded by broncing...1, 2, 3 as I'm gathering my reins back up and laughing. She didn't complete her bucks so it was a little more like dolphin leaping and not bad to ride.  She had a few more bucks in her as the ride progressed but nothing I couldn't handle. I told my friend, April, that I feel like I "own" her now. I'm riding her harder, pushing her more, and learning what she can handle. I'm also re-learning what I can handle. It's such a great feeling and it's like I'm finding the rider I used to be, which is partly because of my trust in Emi. What an awesome feeling. 

To top that off we had her best canter work tonight. I feel like we are nearing a breakthrough! We had some really decent canter transitions tonight, along with some progress in our nose to the wall trotting leg yields. I'm so pleased with how she feels and the progress she is making. She's one fun pony!

My darling girl
Saturday we had the saddle fitter out for an adjustment. She added some flocking to the front of the saddle and it feels even better now than it did. After making the adjustments I took Emi over to the arena to try our saddle out. The fitter followed about 20 minutes later as she was adjusting another saddle. She commented that the last time she had been out Emi was on the lunge line! I think she was impressed with her progress and commented that she was really forward and a really good pony. 

Saddle fitting round one with my green bean
And, as of tonight she's shedding. Spring is coming!


  1. Good for you - Carmen tries to bronc at times but she doesn't get near the air that Irish used to so it's pretty easy.

  2. I love horses with a bit of character, a bit of sass is not always a bad thing (; Glad you and Emi are doing well!

  3. Pony sass is cute an funny (at least most of the time) and I agree with you. I know Katai so well that I'm feeling confident that I can ride what she throws at me.

    Just don't tell her I said that or she'll switch it up!

  4. Gotta love those breakthrough moments!!!


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