Thursday, March 16, 2017

Best Ride Yet

Emi and I had our best ride yet this morning. She came out hot and ready to go. Generally she's either lazy(ish) or hot but in a tight/tense sort of way. I don't know about the rest of you but tight/tense 3 year old is not my favorite ride. The good news is that she's coming out like that less and less and I'm getting more and more comfortable on her and trusting her more, even when she is like that. I feel like she's really starting to mature and grow up, settling down to work like a big girl and finding some comfort or confidence in knowing what to do. 

Happy girls!
Today she was anticipating my go request before I even made it. In some horses I wouldn't really appreciate that but it's rare enough in her that I was really happy to have it. We got our most prompt canter transitions ever...even the very first one.  We practiced quite a few transitions, ran through our Intro A test, and then practiced her going forward and coming back at the trot. Again, her extra energy really helped us out and she cruised right along, coming nicely back when asked. She's a really fun ride because she's comfortable and handy. She definitely feels like a little sports car. 

After our work in the ring I opened the arena door and we walked down the road to cool out. Then the farrier came for her pedicure. Last time she was a bit of a stinker but she was awesome today. Our farrier is having back surgery so her next appointment will be with someone new. Hopefully she is on her best behavior. 

It was a picture perfect "spring" day
Roz went out to NDF for the farrier too. These two are always adorable when they see each other.  Friends for life.


  1. Roz? Is that you under all that mud? ;-)

    1. Mud is one of his favorite things! He just wallows in it.

  2. It's so awesome that Emi is mature enough and broke enough now that you can channel her energy into high-quality work!!

  3. I love the sports car comment because that's one of my favorite things about Katai. That and that she doesn't get rattled easily. It just makes her so much fun to ride and I'm never intimidated which is nice :)


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