Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bruised Feet

Thank you all for the lovely comments regarding the show photos. It is a little bit surreal that Emi has already gone from a baby to a riding horse. Where did the time go?

I am seeking opinions on an interesting issue.  Has anyone dealt with chronically bruised feet? Not bruised on the sole but on the hoof wall. Emi's hind feet (which are white) are always bruised. The farrier said it's due to her whacking it on something but it seems odd to me that both the inside and outside of both hind feet are always bruised. She doesn't seem to interfere and even if she did...why would the outside be bruised? She doesn't kick in her stall so it's not that. Does anyone have experience with this? She's not sore or lame or anything else so you'd have no idea anything was amiss except her white feet are purple...we actually have a new specialty podiatry clinic opening up near us so I'm going to ask them next! 

Left hind from the front


Inside (the right hind looks the same)


  1. I did lots of research on these pink marks with a previous horse. These are usually to do with hoof wall flare or uneven/excessive loading of the walls in one area. They do not appear to be associated with lameness.

  2. Penn had smaller bruises on the insides and outsides of his hooves- more like what you would expect to see if a person got a bruise (small, oval shaped, but stacked on top of each other). From my understanding, it's from an uneven load on the hoof (could be if the inside is shorter band to sole than the outside, the outside will bruise). That said, I am not a farrier. They never seemed to bother Penn, nor result in abscesses (watch as he goes lame today!), and they seem to be growing out just fine without new ones popping up. Let us know what the people at the clinic say!

  3. Katai's are like that fairly often as well and it never seems to bother her. She also has white feet and I've heard that all horse's hooves do this, you just see it with the light hooves.

  4. I've had a few horses with white feet and one of them always had bruises like this. He had some hoof problems but the bruises never effected him. Never found out what he was doing, but I asked several farriers and all of them said that it wasn't a big deal unless they seemed sore to touch.

  5. I was riding a horse recently that had those marks too and the owner told me that horses with white feet just tend to get those and it doesn't relate to any lameness or other issues


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