Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ready or Not

Things are beginning to ramp up around here. We've got a small schooling show on March 19th, a league show April 1st and 2nd. After that we have a little down time. I'll be heading off to Rolex (so so excited for that). I'm planning to have a barn mate ride Emi a couple of times while I'm gone. That will be a first for Emi so I'm looking forward to hearing about that. The weekend after we return home we will be showing at another nearby league show. The week after that we will be riding in a JW clinic.

I'm super excited for all of our upcoming adventures. At this point we are showing Intro A & B. Her canter transitions are not reliable enough to put together a training level test. It is my goal to begin showing training level by the end of the summer. It's hard to believe this time last year I was just dreaming about being able to ride her, let alone showing. What fun it has been. It will be good to get more travel miles and exposure for her over the next couple of months. I expect that she'll be fairly good, but even if she's not, I'm okay with that. She will only get better the more we go.

First ever riding show - September 2016


  1. It's exciting that spring is on the horizon and so many people are planning fun adventures!

  2. You two sure are turned out well in that photo! I considered the March 19 show with my student, but decided there was too much going on to shoehorn that in. Have fun for us; we'll be demo riders at the Expo the following Friday.

  3. So exciting and so busy! Can't wait to hear about your show adventures. Lines and my first show is March 19 as well :)

  4. AHHH so exciting to be thinking about the season ahead!!

  5. It's so exciting to be thinking about the show season! It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was reading about you going to see her for the first time, it's insane to think that you're showing her under saddle this year!!


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