Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Solved with Sugar - Part 2

A little while ago I posted Solved with Sugar (Part 1). After today's ride I thought I'd follow up on it. Emi is still doing well with the scary corner and I'm still using sugar. Today we got our very best full ring canter. As she cantered near the scary corner for the second time I decided to stop her for some sugar. No rein pulling needed; a quiet whoa and she slammed on the brakes. If she were a reining horse she would have slid. As it was, she tripped her way into the halt. So much so that I had a moment where I thought she was going to face plant. Talk about a silly pony. I laughed out loud while feeding her a sugar cube.

Sunday was a gorgeous day and we had the chance to go trail riding. Emi was super and spent a fair amount of the ride on a loose rein.  She was very relaxed and is definitely gaining confidence outside. I had a few times where she was drifting one way or the other and a bump with my leg was all it took to move her nicely back over. The work we've been doing is paying off and she's feeling more and more trained. Talk about fun!

A couple more rides and we head to our first show of the year.


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