Monday, April 17, 2017

Much Better

Roz had a successful hour out in the pasture today (with out me standing watch). I set up a pen by the field and Roz was much happier with his donkey on babysitting duty. However, Liam was not a happy camper. By the time I came back out to bring them in he was mad! He charged out of the pen and thought about trying to drag me back to the barn. It was pretty funny because he's such a tiny little guy. I pulled him to a stop and told him to knock it off. He then jogged back to the barn in a fairly obedient manner. He's seriously so cute! He'll have to continue babysitting until Emi comes home but I actually think a dry lot/holding pen, next to the pasture, is a great idea. That could come in handy for Emi too who does not need unlimited time on lush green pasture. 

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