Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trailer Improvement Suggestions

Olivia at DIY Horse Ownership posted a tutorial for putting in a new tack room floor.  Trails (and trials) also has a tack room modification. This is now high on my list as I hate the carpet in my trailer tack room.

However, this leads my to another issue. My tack room leaks. Does anyone else have trouble with this? I think it actually condensates more than it leaks. Have any of you added insulation to you trailer tack room?


  1. Insulating a trailer is a huge project, but you can actually do it yourself. If you join Horse Trailer Conversions II (not 1) on Facebook, you can view some files and posts on how to do it yourself. But is honestly looks like a huge pita. I would try to determine for sure if it's condensation or a leak, because a leak is much easier to fix.

  2. Husband overhauled my trailer, so if you can replace it/paint it/weld it/basically do anything to it, we probably did it, lol. He replaced the tack room floor in that overhaul. Our trailer is an older steel model, so the floor was actually half steel, half plywood. We got new plywood (the old was rotted out), and ripped up the horrible black carpet. I bought a small section of faux wood vinyl or linoleum (I really don't know which, it was on a big roll at home depot that you cut off by the yard like fabric, haha), and husband glued it down.

    One thing he did when he was done was drill holes in all four corners of the tack room floor because the trailer had a few leaking problems- all of which were related to the windows and roof vent. The leaking problems seem to crop up each year, but such is life when the trailer is 17 years old. We caulk it up, and it's good.

    1. We did not insulate though- I've never had the condensation problem you're having unless I leave my windows open by accident. It wasn't really compatible with the welding he was doing to the inside.

  3. I think Cob Jockey had some insight into trailer leaks a few weeks back. Maybe check with her?

  4. Mine definitely leaks... this is the first year it has done so and I can't seem to locate where in the door seal it's coming from. I'm not sure how to fix it!

  5. I happened to be using my trailer the other day in the rain and determined the leak was coming in through the roof vents. So maybe investigate that before you go to the trouble of insulating.


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