Monday, May 8, 2017

Kentucky: Day 3 & 4

Thursday brought the start of Rolex. We arrived early with plans to shop! A friend had said to visit the merchandise booth first, so that's what we did. I purchased a shirt, hat and magnet before moving on to other vendors. The selection appeared to be pretty good all weekend so I don't think we really needed to get there first thing but from what I overheard it looks like that used to not be the case.

I had so much fun looking through all of the vendors. We have no good english tack stores near where we live so it was so nice to be able to touch all of the things. I tried on a pair of Horze breeches (that I actually liked) but whatever promotion they had wasn't good enough (buy 1 get 1 or buy 2 get 1, I can't remember). As everyone else has already covered, the Horze sales people are SO pushy! I talked to the people that were selling the Green Guard Grazing Muzzles and also a horse hair jewelry place. They showed us the amount of hair they need for a necklace or bracelet and I could easily take that from Emi with out anyone ever knowing! 

I purchased a clearance Mango Bay belt for $9.50 and so far I love it! I also found a clearance fly bonnet in brown and pink for $15. I purchased a few grooming tools 2 wide tooth combs (purchased 1 and then found another I liked better), a sweat scraper, and a metal mane comb. I got a new stock tie, a u shaped browband, and a pair of back up reins. 

Freebies: We got a 2lb bag of horse treats from Standlees which seemed like a great idea...until we realized we were going to have to pack them home! Haha. A water bottle from Lettia,  and another small sample of horses treats.

After looking through all the vendors we walked a little bit of the cross country course. Those jumps are massive! On our way we happened by the Land Rover course so we stopped and went for a test drive. I drove the first time through and then April drove the next time. They show you all of the cool features it has and when you are done you get a free Land Rover hat. It was definitely worth doing and I enjoyed the experience. 

For dinner we hit up Red State Barbecue (recommended to us by Kelly) which was delicious. After dinner we headed to Ashford Stud for a tour. And yes, that's where American Pharoah lives!

Ashford Stud

Friday was a lazy day as we hadn't bought dressage tickets. We slept in and had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom (recommended by Emilie). It was a fun place with yummy food. We then headed out to the KHP to go through their museum and also to do the 5k run. The museum was interesting and it was nice to be able to get in free with our Rolex tickets. The run as also nice and it was great to see more of the KHP. 

I was super bummed this "horse" was out of order!
Happy 5k finishers
Ice cream at Graeters, which I thought was way better than Crank and Boom. 

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