Monday, May 15, 2017

Kentucky: Day 5 & 6

I left off at the best two days of Rolex...cross country and stadium.

Cross country was less crowded than I expected and the weather was decent. We started the day with staking out a spot near the head of the lake and then cruising over to the Bliss of London tent for a free hat.
Free hat and free gloves, the muzzle = not free. Haha. 
 I enjoyed our location although it had some scary moments. James Alliston was the first one out on course and had a fall at the Head of the Lake.  There were several other crashes and a few near misses. The good rides were great, the bad ones....took your breath away. Cross country ended too soon and so we hit up the vendors. I purchased Emi a $100 grazing muzzle and also got a free pair of noble gloves for trying on a pair of noble breeches. Score! I have no idea if the muzzle will really work but I'm hopeful!

The master himself

Once we finished shopping we went through the Saddlebred museum before heading to dinner at The Ketch. We received this recommendation from a family sitting near us on the XC course. Once we had dinner we went to the Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory to try bourbon balls. Talk about yummy chocolate!

Sunday we cruised through the vendors (again) this time looking at the Eponia bridles. I was SO close to buying one, but I didn't. It's on my list! I ran in to Stephanie a the Eponia booth (actually she recognized me and said hi), and then I got to chat with Amiee and Karen at their stadium seats. It was fun to meet some fellow bloggers, even though I missed getting to meet several others. 

Stadium was a blast! I opted for covered seats since I didn't want to be stuck in the hot sun or the rain. I was really happy with our seats. We were up high but I don't think there was a bad seat in the house. The energy and excitement were awesome and it was fun to see the culmination of the competition. 

One last yummy dinner (and dessert) at a burger place...I can't remember the name. 
Monday we had to return home to real life. I had a terrible seat mate on our second flight home (the 4.5 hour one). He was taking up a third of my seat and kept trying to talk to me. I would normally read or something but I put my head phones on and watched 2 movies (and was still interrupted 20 times). The guy on the other side of me even wrote me a note on his phone that he would switch with me if I wanted to. I didn't make the trade but squished the nice guy for most of the flight and was so thankful to get off that plane! 


  1. I've heard really good things about those grazing muzzles, so hopefully it works for Emi! I'm sorry I missed you at Rolex, I bailed on stadium day in favor of driving home, haha. Maybe next year!

  2. Your flight home sounded awful. Thanks for coming by to say hi!

  3. I've heard great things about those grazing muzzles! Katai can get out of/eat too much through any and all of them so unfortunately I just can't have her on pasture right now :( Someday I'll buy my own farm and turn the whole thing into gravel :D

  4. I don't think my nerves could handle watching the crashes and near-wrecks. A bad wreck at a rodeo 30 years ago ruined those events for me forever!


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