Thursday, June 1, 2017

Perrydale Trail Adventures

Last week Michelle emailed me to see if I was interested in meeting up at Perrydale Trails on Monday. My response, yes! I had been wanting to do something fun over the long weekend but didn't have anything planned. Emi had been to Perrydale Trails twice before, once as a yearling and once as a two year old. We missed last summer due to various other commitments. 

Emi was a little over stimulated at first, trying to take in all of the obstacles and all the activity with 4 other horses in our group. I ended up hopping off of her for a little bit and leading her around to show her that everything was okay. Once I had her working over some of the obstacles I got back on. 

We spent a good deal of time following Michelle and Lance around, which worked out perfectly for us. Emi will do pretty much anything if she's following another horse but she's not as thrilled about being in the lead. I do think that's something that will get better with more experience and I am glad she will willingly follow someone else. It makes my life easier!

Following Michelle and Lance through some new Christmas tree trails
 Emi's great with bridges and seems to really understand those kind of questions. This was a "balance beam" that she staggered off of twice like she was drunk. The third time I made her slow down and she did it just fine. She navigated several other bridges, ditches, logs, water crossings etc.

We did it!
Rebecca, the owner of Perrydale Trails, takes photos of everyone who comes out to ride. I haven't gotten any from her yet but she specifically wanted one of Emi's tail and asked if it was real. Haha.

She was great about the water. Followed Lance through once and then we did it a few more times unassisted. 

The tire shown below is a fun one. It's the same tire in the top and bottom, they've just added some more "steps" to it 3 years later. 

Yearling Emi vs 4 year old Emi
Navigating a ditch that she didn't like as a 2 year old and still doesn't really love. 
You've got to watch out for deer!
I felt like Emi's confidence grew through out the ride and by the end she led through a deep ravine and then trotted back to the trailer in the lead. It was a super fun outing and nice to do something other than arena work. It's also wonderful to be on a horse that's safe and who I trust. 


  1. That looks like a really neat place to expose them to lots of things!

  2. She is just so cute and what a great experience for her :)

  3. That looks fun! I'll have to take Trask out there sometime :)

  4. Sounds like a great outing!!!


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